Modern Workplace Learning 2020: Building a continuous learning culture is written by Jane Hart. It is a continuously updated resource, the first section of which is free to access. You can purchase access to the entire online resource as well as a PDF version HERE.

Please note this resource is currently being updated,
so some parts of the online resource may be unavailable from time to time


  1. Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning – This section is FREE to read
  2. Foster modern workers
  3. Inspire modern managers


  1. Encourage a daily self-learning habit
  2. Adopt a formal process of continuous self-development
  3. Encourage reflective practices
  4. Support social learning and collaboration
  5. Help managers with on the job development
  6. Offer opportunities for continuous learning
  7. Provide flexible resources for on demand use
  8. Design modern approaches to classroom training
  9. Facilitate problem solving

Note this is one of a series of 3 complementary resources produced by Jane Hart. Other two are:
Every Professional’s Guide to Modern Learning is intended to help individuals
take charge of their own continuous self-improvement and self-development.
Grow And Develop your Team: A Guide for Modern Managers is intended to help
managers have a more active role in the development of their people.