Modern Workplace Learning 2019 (written by Jane Hart) aggregates and updates content from her previous MWL books with an added focus this year on continuous improvement, learning and development. MWL 2019 is constantly being updated with new material and will soon evolve into MWL 2020

The first chapter of this online resource is FREE to view. You can purchase personal access to the other web chapters as well as a PDF version (updated every 3 months). A paperback version was also published earlier this year.


1 – Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning – FREE to view  UPDATED 15 MAY
2 – Provide a performance improvement consulting service

Modern Training

Modern Learning

Learning By Working

Daily Self-Learning

3 – Create modern online resources 10 – Build effective relationships at work 15 – Help managers enable self-learning
4 – Create and curate a flow of daily micro-content 11 – Support reflective practices at work 16 – Help individuals organise and manage their own daily learning.
5 – Offer modern approaches to classroom training 12 – Help managers build a knowledge sharing culture 17 – Help individuals learn something new every day by themselves
6 – Create and curate a schedule of live events and activities 13 – Help teams and groups make use of a collaboration platform 18Help individuals learn periodically for themselves
7 – Support modern experiential learning 14 – Help managers develop their own people 19 – Adopt a formal process of professional self-development
8 – Facilitate modern social learning experiences
9 – Run modern learning campaigns