Day 43: Are you building a continuous learning culture?

In The 100 hour asset (7 July 2020) Seth Godin writes

“If you invest 100 hours in a rare skill, you’re likely to acquire it. If you could learn to sharpen a tool better than your peers, organize a high-performance database, see the nuances in some sector of cryptography, know how to build a pretty-good WordPress site or really understand the arc of a particular writer’s career, you’d have something of value. Something that anyone who was focused enough to invest 100 hours could have, but few will choose to commit to.

String together a few of those, or dig deep and develop a 1,000 hour asset and now you truly have something.”

Learning is not just a one-off education activity; it’s the continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills – both consciously and unconsciously.

Are you a continuous learner – are you consciously and continuously acquiring new knowledge to become a true expert? How are you helping your people do the same – it’s not a matter of continuously training them, but encouraging and supporting them to do much more for themselves?

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How could you build a true continuous learning culture?

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