Day 36: Are you re-setting your L&D business model?

“The ‘new normal’ for L&D cannot just be making the pandemic-induced shift from classroom training to online training a permanent fixture. For the profession to become business-relevant the transformation must go deeper, argues Charles Jennings, Partner Strategy and Performance at Tulser and co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute.”

In How can L&D embrace business-aligned learning in difficult times? (TrainingZone ) Charles Jennings says

“Switching from classrooms to online may help in the short-term, but longer-term systemic solutions require a systemic re-set of L&D business models.”

What are you doing to make systemic changes to your L&D business model to be ready for the future? How are you moving away from a focus on delivering and managing training to supporting performance improvement in new ways?

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