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Day 41 of MWL Daily

In How Microlearning Can be Used to Improve Employee Training Retention (Business2Community, 24 Feb 2021), Ronita Mohan talks about the benefits of micro-training, one of which is “Better Training Engagement. One of the major benefits of microlearning is that it improves the levels of engagement with content. Too much information can be difficult to absorb, let alone remember. […]

Day 40 of MWL Daily

In A message about learning from the C-suite (CLO Magazine, 22 Feb 2021), Patricia McLagan provides this sample letter to employees from the C-suite. It includes this key paragraph, “Of course, our company is committed to supporting your learning and development, to providing formal training and access to learning opportunities for everyone. But even in the best […]

Day 39 of MWL Daily

In 3 Steps to Better Virtual Meetings (HBR, 19 Feb 2021) the authors write “The virtualization of work has generally increased the hours that people spend on the clock, and blurred boundaries between life and work. “Video fatigue” comes from many factors, such as the difficulty of making real eye contact with meeting participants (known as […]

Day 38 of MWL Daily

In Building Your Own Personal Learning Curriculum (Smashing Magazine, 19 Feb 2021) Kirsty Simmonds explains “This is my method of putting together a learning curriculum. As someone with limited time and a tendency to be taken by the breeze of impulsivity at the expense of sustained, focused working, I found this method the most compatible with my […]

Day 37 of MWL Daily

Ulrik Juul Christensen offers Five Ways To Align Work And Learning Post-Pandemic (Forbes, 18 Feb 2021). The first is “(1) Learn from what you are doing. When learning happens in the flow of work, people no longer perceive a divide between working and learning; the two are integrated, seamlessly and transparently. This is far better than making learning […]

Day 36 of MWL Daily

Day 36 of MWL Daily

In Bite-Sized Brain Food: 5 Sites to Learn New Things in Short and Fun Ways (MakeUseOf, 16 Feb 2021) Mihir Patkar writes “Documentaries lasting less than a minute. Podcast episodes of just 60 seconds. Animated infographics to explain complex subjects. Here’s where you can learn more about the world in quick capsules of engaging knowledge. In […]

Day 35 of MWL Daily

In Why Your Virtual Presentations Are Destined To Fail And How You Can Prevent It (Forbes, 14 Feb 2021) William Arruda offers 6 things he learned about how to create and deliver engaging virtual presentations, whether they’re motivational keynotes, sales presentations to clients, all-hands meetings or learning webinars. One of these is … “Make every slide contain at […]

Day 34 of MWL Daily

In a recent interview with Wilma Hartenfels we talked about the results of my Top Tools for Learning Survey, how learning habits have changed in the last 15 years and what learning should look like today.  The podcast (in English) on Spotify is embedded below. QUESTION: How have changing learning habits influenced your organisation’s approach to […]

Day 33 of MWL Daily

In Hiring For Skills Of The Future: Part Two (Forbes, 10 Feb 2021) Yolanda Lau provides three additional skills of the future, how to hire for them and how to teach and/or acquire these skills. The first is Lifelong Learning And Coachability “A 2017 Deloitte report states that professionals in software engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, […]

Day 32 of MWL Daily

Day 32 of MWL Daily

Have you heard of Clubhouse, considered to be “the world’s most exclusive new social media platform”? In Clubhouse: this is what online learning should look like (The Pie News, Feb 2021) “Clubhouse offers real-time audio discussion ‘rooms’ where people from all sorts of industries and walks-of-life discuss topics with an audience. The experience is like listening to a […]