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Day 100 of MWL Daily

Day 100 of MWL Daily

NOTE: This is the last MWL Daily post in this format.  If you would like to continue to receive links to interesting and relevant posts and articles about learning in the modern workplace then please join our new Telegram Channel: @MWLdaily “How fluent are you in creating accessible PDFs? Have you enrolled in one of […]

Day 99 of MWL Daily

“As organizations shift toward more distributed, asynchronous workforces, the traditional role of a middle manager — monitoring productivity, optimizing individual performance, etc. — is becoming increasingly redundant. Instead of simply routing information between different groups, middle managers of the future will be tasked with leveraging digital tools optimized for tracking remote and hybrid workforces, and […]

Day 98 of MWL Daily

As we embrace a new era of hybrid working, this presents logistical issues for trainers, who may have to deliver sessions to delegates both online and in person simultaneously. 10 tips for learning and development in a hybrid working world presents some of the scenarios you’re likely to encounter and advice on how to adapt […]

Day 97 of MWL Daily

In Work in the flow of learning (CLO Magazine, 18 May 2021) Anjan Acharya writes “Strange as it may sound, L&D is not about education. It’s about getting the job done. L&D has a clear mandate to change behaviors in order to align with business strategy and contribute measurably to organizational success. The occasional perception is that in […]

Day 96 of MWL Daily

In Why Social Learning Could Help Upskill Technology’s Workforce (Forbes, 18 May 2021) Amandeep Midha explains how to support social learning in the organisation. “Begin by utilizing a collaboration tool of your choice for your organization and create channels where employees can share content. This allows the workforce to browse for information on existing threads and create […]

Day 95 of MWL Daily

In 15 Proven Methods For Developing A Culture Of Learning In Your Tech Team (Forbes, 13 May 2021) 15 industry leaders share the ways they foster a culture of learning among their team members. The first is “1. Lead by example. Practicing what we preach is powerful! When the team watches you keep up with the […]

Day 94 of MWL Daily

In Five Adult Learning Principles That Increase Engagement (Forbes, 13 May 2021) Mark Sparwell writes that if you have you run a professional development course at your organization and found your audience to seem disengaged and disinterested, you likely fell victim to a common mistake many professionals make: forgetting that adults learn much differently than children. This […]

Day 93 of MWL Daily

In How to lead in the age of self-directedness (Training Journal, 13 May 2021) Stephen Manley says that the days of command and control are gone. “The current business situation is creating a new generation of self-directed employees; employees exhibiting greater-than-ever levels of self-determination. They have little other choice. The rise of the remote working environment means that […]

Day 92 of MWL Daily

“The most pertinent question one can ask of a current or future employee may just be: How do you learn? Lifelong learning is now roundly considered to be an economic imperative, and job candidates or employees who consider, update, and improve their skills will be the high performers, especially over the longer term. Pressing ourselves on the […]

Day 91 of MWL Daily

In What to Do in the First 90 Days of Hiring New Talent (Inc, 6 May 2021) Raj Jana provides four steps to unfold within the first 90 days of an employee’s time in the office if you want them to stay around. Here is the first. “Have a shadow period On day one, you don’t want […]