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Day 90 of MWL Daily

In Here’s How Google Knows in Less Than 5 Minutes if a New Employee Will Get Off to the Perfect Start (Inc, 10 May 2021) Jeff Haden explains that after running a number of surveys and experiments, Google developed a list of five simple onboarding tips for managers. To keep things simple — and serve as a […]

Day 89 of MW Daily

In 10 Critical Competencies For Today’s Workforce (Forbes, 6 May 2021) Heide Abelli lists the 10 critical competencies required to be successful in today’s digital economy. The first is Learning Agility “Being able to learn rapidly and flexibly is critical in a world where the half-life of skills is shrinking. What is required to become an agile […]

Day 88 of MWL Daily

In Always Be Learning: 5 Strategies for Lifelong Learners (Yoh, 6 May 2021) Maureen Pommery offers 5 strategies as follows Set clear goals Broaden your learning sources Develop a learning mindset Reflect Share what you’ve learned QUESTION: How are you helping your people develop strategies for lifelong learning? How are you helping them set their […]

Day 87 of MWL Daily

“Motivation is the force that compels you to stick with your goals and achieve them. It’s the desire to run a marathon, excel at your job, and lose weight. Without motivation, you wouldn’t have any inclination to pursue greatness. Your basic motivations must first be met before you can start working towards improving the finer […]

Day 86 of MWL Daily

In A message to CxOs about L&D myths (Learnlets, 4 May 2021) Clark Quinn lists 9 L&D myths that you might want to watch out for. Here’s No 1: “If it looks like school, it must be learning. We’ve all been to school, so we know what learning looks like, right? Except, do you remember how effective […]

Day 85 of MWL Daily

In Why Workplace Coaching and Why Now? Integral defined workplace coaching  as “… the skills, processes and knowledge through which people involve themselves in making the maximum impact and constantly renewing themselves and their organizations as they experience continuous change. Coaching is not management skills re-packaged, although coaching draws on certain management skills and competencies. Coaching […]

Day 84 of MWL Daily

In The 4 stages of Zoom enlightenment (eCampus News, 3 May 2021) Tom Haymes writes that understanding how different online interactions lead to and support learning is critical as learning becomes increasingly digital “Digital environments, like their physical counterparts, can offer great opportunities but, in order for them to be sustainable, we need a system to […]

Day 83 of MWL Daily

In Ways to Improve Work Performance (Valamis, 27 Apr 2021) you will learn the top 3 ways how to immediately improve your work performance and reach a higher quality of output, as well as another 18 proven ways that you can use to boost your performance. Number 14 is … “14. Become a lifelong learner The world around […]

Day 82 of MWL Daily

In 4 Habits of Leaders at the Top of the Ladder (Business2Community, Apr 2021) Paul Keijzer writes about some of the habits that powerful leaders in managerial roles have. The first is “1. Embrace Relentless Learning Successful leaders know that in order to escape the echo chamber, they need to look for something new to learn […]

Day 81 of MWL Daily

In Simple Tool, Big Impact (ATD Blog, 27 Apr 2021) MJ Hall writes about the use of checklists for self-directed learning. “Much has been written recently about the importance of self-directed learning (SDL), especially as it relates to the need for continuous lifelong learning due to the changes in the nature of work and the […]