Day 30: Do you run a work book club?

“Looking for an easy way to share information and develop employees at work? Form an employee book club … in which a group of employees voluntarily read the same book. Combine the book reading with a regularly scheduled discussion meeting to double the impact of the book.

Ask one employee to lead the discussion about the week’s assigned chapter or two. Ask a second employee to lead the discussion about the relevance of the book’s teachings to your organization. You’ll magnify learning with your employee book club.”

In Implement a Book Club at Work, Susan Heathfield says they are (or should be) a key tool in employee development, and provides guidance on how to set up a successful work book club.

Do you belong to a book club – outside or inside work? How might you form a work book club as an informal way of developing your people?

SHARE your thoughts with your team.
What can you do to set up a book club or any other informal (social learning) events in your own organisation?

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