Day 44: Are you supporting social learning at work?

In Why social learning will be even more vital in the future of work (Trainingzone, 8 July 2020) Sheridan Webb writes ..

“Nine times out of ten, if I want to learn something, I will ask either a specific individual or a particular group. This made me realise that all the recent focus on working (and training) virtually has given us a distorted view of what the future of L&D is all about. We’ve mistakenly decided that it’s remote/virtual/tech based. I don’t think it is.

Obviously, as a method of delivery, that’s true. Regardless of when restrictions are eased, tech-based solutions are here to stay, and blended learning will be normal. This is a good thing – but I believe that the real future of learning lies with communities.”

Sheridan provides a number of benefits of communities, and then asks the question How do you set up a learning community?

“The simple answer is you don’t. Not really. If you try and create a community from nothing, force connections where they don’t exist or (even worse) ask people to go to a place they don’t already hang out, it’s unlikely to work. I’ve been invited to join communities on Slack and WhatsApp, but I’m not in the habit of going there, so I don’t engage.

Good communities grow organically – I set up the Training Designer’s Club when I realised that I was having multiple conversation around the same things with different people, so it made sense to create a group space. As with anything, when it gets a bit of natural momentum, it starts to attract like-minded people.”

What communities do you belong to – in and out of work? How do you learn from them? How could you help others to set up (learning) communities in your organisation that can grow organically?

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How could you build a true social learning culture in your organisation?

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