Day 11 of MWL Daily 2021

Day 11 of MWL Daily

 In The Top 5 Qualities of a Great Leader (Talent Development Blog, cites Talent Development as one

“Spend time coaching your people, focusing on their development. Take each one of your people on your team and evaluate them from 1–10 (10 being the highest rating) in two areas: (1) past performance and (2) future potential. Then, ask yourself what each of them needs to do to move the “future potential” number upward. By doing this, you’ll create a list of areas for growth and development to help them move to the next level.

Discuss these strengths and areas for growth in your one-on-one check-ins and performance reviews, describing the specific behaviors they could change and the ones they excel in. Describe what success in a given area for improvement would look like, and help them set priorities for their development. That way, they’ll have a clear picture of the steps they can take to improve.”

Do you encourage your managers to spend time with their team members on their development
What are some of the ways that you are working with leaders to help them become modern leaders?

In Section 9 – Inspire modern managers – of MWL 2021 we look at what it means to be a modern leader, and to help them grow and develop their team.

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