Day 13: Learn from your mistakes

Day 13: Learning by mistake

Day 13: Learn from your mistakesIs there a way to rewire your brain to transform the fear of the
unknown and self-loathing of mistakes into real learning and wisdom?
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“Being able to remember stuff is not so important any more. Most of the world’s knowledge is a google search away.

What we need to know is how to ask a really good question. Then, how to make sense of the results.

Good questions start with, I don’t know.”

In I Don’t Know. Is Learning By Mistake How We Learn Best?, Heather Bussing says that uncertainty is the foundation for creativity, innovation, change, and progress.

Can you identify a situation when you learned by admitting you didn’t know something? How can you help your people to ask questions and be prepared to say they don’t know something,

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