Day 14 of MWL Daily

Day 14 of MWL Daily

In How to Create a Poll In Microsoft Outlook (How-To Geek, 15 Jan 2021) Rob Woodgate explains how Microsoft has now added a quick poll feature, powered by Microsoft Forms, to both the Outlook client and Outlook Online.

“A poll can be answered by anyone, no matter who provides their email. They don’t need a Microsoft, Office 365, or Microsoft 365 account, just a web browser and an internet connection. As such, it’s a much more complete solution than the old voting options.

Do you use polling to gain feedback from your people?
What tools do you use to create those polls

In Section 8 – BUILD A LEARNING HUB of MWL 2021 we look at how to collect feedback using online polling tools like Google Forms and Microsoft Forms.

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