Day 15: Help make new habits stick

In the modern workplace – particularly one post-Covid – new learning habits and practices will need to be established. One of those will be helping individuals become more self-reliant for their own learning and development. In We studied the best way to actually make a new habit stick.

Doug Moore and Spencer Greenberg report how participants in their study tried out different techniques designed to support a behaviour change.

“During two years of research for, we recruited almost 500 people who wanted to form daily habits, such as maintaining an exercise routine or drinking more water every day. We assigned each of them techniques intended to support behavior change, drawn from a roster of 23 possibilities. These included methods like planning a reward for yourself if you succeed at your habit, or making a plan to carry out your habit at a specific time every day. Then we tracked their progress over the course of a month, checking in three times to find out how well they’d maintained their chosen habits. Ultimately, we ran five separate studies and analyzed 1,256 follow-up surveys. When the dust settled, one technique outshone the other 22 at helping maintain habits.”

What are you doing to help your people establish new learning behaviours and practices in your organisation? What tools and techniques are you using?

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What can you collectively do to move things on in your own organisation?

FIND OUT how to use learning campaigns to help establish new habits in this section of the MWL 2020 resource. [Note: to view this content, you will need to purchase access to MWL2020]