Day 15 of MWL Daily

In Mastering virtual facilitation in 2021 (TrainingZone, 18 Jan 2021) Declan Hogan writes

“Last year we all got a crash course in remote training and working but, as we head into a new year, it’s time to evaluate what we’ve learned and how we can make improvements going forward …

The structure of virtual training sessions certainly became a bigger topic in 2020. Short, impactful interventions are effective when so many people are working remotely. You should also consider cognitive bias when trying to make sessions as enjoyable as possible. Take the peak–end rule, for example, which impacts how people remember past events. You should be aiming to deliver intense positive moments during sessions and making sure they end on a high note so that learners both enjoy training and find it easier to remember the knowledge they’ve gained.”

How are you structuring your live virtual training sessions?
How are you optimising the virtual environment for live training?

In Section 4: Run live virtual sessions  of MWL 2021 we look at what it means to run effective live virtual training session as well as other informal events on your video meeting platform.

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