Day 16 of MWL Daily

In 5 Zoom Apps to Make Video Calls Better and More Productive (MakeUseOf, 19 Jan 2021) Mihir Patkar writes that even on a basic free Zoom account, you can do a lot more than just video calls. These free apps and tools will level-up your Zoom calls on desktop computers. Here’s just one example from the articleL

“Zoom has a built-in chat to talk to other attendees through text. But what if you want to talk with others behind the organizer’s or teacher’s back? That’s what Zoomchat is for.

You can instantly create a new chatroom by putting in your Zoom Meeting ID. If someone has already created it, you’ll simply join that room. The chatroom is private, and you’re asked to pick a temporary name, with which you can protect your identity. Now anyone in the Zoom meeting can talk in Zoomchat without fear of the organizer finding out.

How are you enhancing your Zoom sessions?
What Zoom apps are you using?

For more Zoom apps, tips and techniques, see Section 4: Run live virtual sessions  of MWL 2021.

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