Day 2 of MWL Daily 2021

Day 2 of MWL Daily 2021

Here’s another article about taking more responsibility for your own learning and development – 3 Tips To Advance Your Career In The New Year (Forbes, 30 Dec 2020). One point it makes strongly is to be clear on your goals

“Getting clear on your goals must be your number one priority. If you aren’t clear on what you want, you won’t be clear on how to get it. This can derail even your best efforts for advancement. Take some time to think about where you’d like to be in six months or a year. Think about what you’re happy with now and what you wish you could change. Is a new job on the horizon? A promotion? Staying in your current role but taking on more responsibility? Once you’re clear on what you want, that becomes your goa!”

What are your goals for 2021
How will you put them into action?

Take a look at Section 14 – Adopt a formal self-development process of MWL 2021 which provides some guidance on how to take a more formal approach to your professional self-development

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