Day Be a good content curator

Day 24: Be a good content curator

Be a good content curator. What does that mean? What does a good content curator look like? Robin Good has some answers:

“I am frequently asked if there are good examples of great content curators out there.

There are probably tens of thousands of them. But the problem is that it is not easy to spot them. They are not as visible and popular as your typical social media influencer.

Great content curators may not have a following nearly comparable to those of many social media influencers, but their impact can easily be much greater, deeper and longer lasting.”

Take a look at his Examples of Great Content Curators. Pleased to see my colleague Harold Jarche @hjarche on the list!

What does good content curation mean in organisational learning terms? How can you become a good content curator for your organisation?

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What can you collectively do to start work on this in your own organisation?

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