Day 27: Is training the answer?

“No matter what the problem, we can sometimes be found guilty of assuming training is the solution. But by asking one simple question we can  determine whether training is the answer or if, as is more likely, another approach is needed.”

In Why training is often not the right solution (27 January 2020) Ina Weinbauer-Heidel explains

“To decide whether training is the right intervention, the first and most important thing to do is ask the skills question! Think about the behavior you’re aiming to instill through training and ask yourself: ‘What do we want our trainees doing differently in their day-to-day work after the planned training?’ Then ask yourself why they haven’t been doing it until now.”

What are you doing to ensure that the training you offer is the right intervention? Do you first consider alternatives to solving a performance problem?

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What can you do to ensure that training is always the right solution to a problem in your own organisation?

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