Day 30 of MWL Daily

In Are in-person workshops dead? How virtual learning can be as good as the real thing (CLO, 5 Feb 2021), Carol Vallone Mitchell and  Patricia Schaeffer share two case studies that illustrate how they created workshops specifically for virtual delivery.

“Creating activities to keep participants from being bored or distracted is a bigger challenge for online workshops than creating content, so we set a rule of thumb to engage early and often by involving people in activities and exercises. For example, after defining the term “resilience,” we launched a poll to gauge how people were feeling about their level of resilience. This activity helped break up and reinforce our lecture, engaged the participants and encouraged them to think more in-depth about the topic.

Interaction and collaboration are vital in virtual events to break up the broadcast content and ensure participants don’t suffer from “Zoom fatigue”

What types of interactivity do you use in your virtual events to ensure that the participants are engaged throughout? What features of the technology or other tools do you use to do this?

In section 4: Run live virtual sessions of MWL 2021 we provide some guidance on different types of interaction that can be employed as well as different 3rd party to tools to enhance this functionality in your virtual sessions.

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