Day 35 of MWL Daily

In Why Your Virtual Presentations Are Destined To Fail And How You Can Prevent It (Forbes, 14 Feb 2021) William Arruda offers 6 things he learned about how to create and deliver engaging virtual presentations, whether they’re motivational keynotes, sales presentations to clients, all-hands meetings or learning webinars. One of these is …

“Make every slide contain at least 1,000 words.

The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words means a picture may convey an idea more quickly and effectively than the written word. Many professional speakers and those who deliver sales presentations and learning webinars have been taking words out of their slides (thank goodness!), yet there are still too many words. It’s time to completely reframe the visual. That means the size, media, content. And because people are watching you on small screens (some on their mobile phones) if you must use words, make the font so large that it’s both readable for the viewer and takes up so much space that you only have room for a few of them. Better yet, use images, video and animated gifs to augment your delivery; don’t rely on just the 26 letters of the alphabet.”

How are you ensuring your virtual presentations or webinars are engaging?
What techniques are you using?

In section 4  in MWL 2021 we look at how to run effective live virtual sessions – which includes not just delivering effective presentations but also including interactivity and collaboration.

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021

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