Day 36 of MWL Daily

Day 36 of MWL Daily

In Bite-Sized Brain Food: 5 Sites to Learn New Things in Short and Fun Ways (MakeUseOf, 16 Feb 2021) Mihir Patkar writes

“Documentaries lasting less than a minute. Podcast episodes of just 60 seconds. Animated infographics to explain complex subjects. Here’s where you can learn more about the world in quick capsules of engaging knowledge.

In an era of short attention spans and 280 character updates, even learning needs to be in tiny doses. That’s why there are content creators who specialize in making informational and entertaining pieces that take almost no time in our busy lives. From mini-documentaries of fascinating people and subjects to social media guides on trending topics, give your mind some bite-sized brain food to chew on.”

How are you encouraging your people to spend some time to learn new things “in tiny doses”? How are you opening their eyes to the wide world of learning possibilities?

In section 13 in MWL 2021 we look at how to promote a daily self-learning habit and the modern learning skills required to be successful

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021