Day 37 of MWL Daily

Ulrik Juul Christensen offers Five Ways To Align Work And Learning Post-Pandemic (Forbes, 18 Feb 2021). The first is

(1) Learn from what you are doing. When learning happens in the flow of work, people no longer perceive a divide between working and learning; the two are integrated, seamlessly and transparently. This is far better than making learning intrusive with activities that “pop up” during a project or collaboration. (The analogy I use is Microsoft’s “Clippy” paperclip icon, which was meant to engage users with software tips, but often annoyed them instead.) The focus is not just the technical skills of what must get done in the moment. Learning expands to encompass a wide variety of skills — in particular, critical thinking — to build a bigger, broader toolkit for the future.

The other four ways are: (2) Establish a closed learning loop, (3) Embrace continuous improvement, (4) Encourage learning agility, and (5) Place a priority on curiosity.

How are you helping to align work and learning? How are you helping your people to learn from what they are doing and have a continuous improvement mindset? How are you encouraging learning agility and a priority on curiosity?

These are all tops that are covered in Part B: Continuous learning of MWL 2021 (sections 9 – 14) which begin with building a continuous learning mindset and then offering some concrete ways to enable and support the alignment of work and learning.

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021

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