Day 39 of MWL Daily

In 3 Steps to Better Virtual Meetings (HBR, 19 Feb 2021) the authors write

“The virtualization of work has generally increased the hours that people spend on the clock, and blurred boundaries between life and work. “Video fatigue” comes from many factors, such as the difficulty of making real eye contact with meeting participants (known as “gaze awareness”). Research by Microsoft shows that concentration begins to fray about 30-40 minutes into a meeting, and that stress begins to increase after about two hours of videoconferencing. These physical issues feed strategic challenges faced by many executives: engaging in creative problem solving or holding contentious discussions given the constraints of virtual meetings.

Even as companies welcome back employees to workplaces, virtual meetings will be here to stay, so how do we make them go from a painful necessity to a productive tool?”

The same issues are a challenge for live virtual training too. In other words converting classroom training into hours and hours of Zoom training is not the answer.

How are you ensuring that your virtual meetings and virtual training address the issue of Zoom and video fatigue and are more effective?

In Section 4 of MWL 2021 we consider a number of tips, techniques and tools to run effective live virtual sessions.

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021

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