Day 4 of MWL Daily 2021

Day 4 of MWL Daily 2021

In an article in HR Examiner (1 Jan 2021) Conversations in an abrupt shift from centralized to distributed work, TJ Fjelseth writes

“Before the pandemic, employees spent between 1.8 to 2.5 hours per day discovering information about their employment and their work. Today, the volume of questions has exploded. It’s just one way of defining the level of uncertainty we face in our businesses and our jobs …

Accept the fact that the lifespan of content is getting shorter. Some of your organization’s content will age gracefully, but most of it will age like fish, no matter how much work you invested in getting it right. When HR can’t be everywhere to tell people what you really meant, the documentation has to.

This means that when you create any new content you will need to take into account the fact that it may go out of date very quickly, therefore it will be important to generate it in a cost-effective manner. Back to basics will be key

How do you ensure that content is created cost-effectively?
How do you create content quickly and easily?

Take a look at Section 2 – Create resources – of MWL 2021 which provides you with some guidance on the principles of modern content and how to use the Office tools you have in house to create content quickly and cost-effectively

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