Day 40 of MWL Daily

In A message about learning from the C-suite (CLO Magazine, 22 Feb 2021), Patricia McLagan provides this sample letter to employees from the C-suite. It includes this key paragraph,

“Of course, our company is committed to supporting your learning and development, to providing formal training and access to learning opportunities for everyone. But even in the best of times, we will only be able to formally support a small part of what you will need and want. This is why I am sending this note to you: to tell you that we care about your learning and development, that we will do our best to support it, but that 95 percent of your learning is in your hands. Actually, 100 percent is in your hands — for learning ultimately happens in your brain, and you are the one who ultimately brings new knowledge, skills and commitments into the workplace and your life.

The message also includes a few ways that an individual can optimize their power and competence as a lifelong learner.

But, you might also be interested in this response from Stephen Downes: A message about learning from the shop floor

So how are you encouraging your people to take more responsibility for their continuous learning and development – and providing them with the adequate time and other support to do so?

In Part B of MWL 2021 (sections 10-14) we look at a number of ways to help employees become more self-sufficient and self-reliant, and what needs to be in place to provide a supportive learning culture.

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021

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