Day 41 of MWL Daily

In How Microlearning Can be Used to Improve Employee Training Retention (Business2Community, 24 Feb 2021), Ronita Mohan talks about the benefits of micro-training, one of which is

Better Training Engagement. One of the major benefits of microlearning is that it improves the levels of engagement with content. Too much information can be difficult to absorb, let alone remember. Coupled with everyday tasks and stresses, training programs held over days can lead to a loss of engagement. But short sessions where the content is distilled into necessary facts and skills make it easier for learners to engage and recall what they have learned. Since microlearning videos and graphics focus on a single topic, they are simpler to understand, thus giving learners more incentive to keep learning.”

But micro-training isn’t just about delivering micro-lessons, it is also useful way of providing a drip feed of daily informational content.

So are you delivering regular micro-content to your people – in either an instructional or informational way? How are you ensuing it can reach the target group in the most appropriate way.

In Section 3 of MWL 202: Deliver micro-training we consider different options for delivering micro-content in appealing and relevant ways, together with some examples – which includes this MWL Daily series.

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021

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