Day 5 of MWL 2021

Day 5 of MWL Daily 2021

In Zoom stole the headlines, but 2020 was the year of Microsoft Teams (3 January 2021),  Sean Endicott talks about some of the new features added to video meeting platforms.

“2020 was the year Zoom became a verb. It was the year virtual meetings became the norm, and virtual classrooms were the go-to method of teaching. While Zoom stole the headlines and became the app of choice for many people when it comes to video conferencing, Microsoft Teams took off in 2020 ..

Breakout rooms are a relatively new feature to Teams but are a great example of Microsoft improving the platform. Again, Teams wasn’t the first app to have breakout rooms, but adding them makes the it much more useable ..

“Breakout rooms will make a training session more interactive, replacing that awkward silence of everyone just watching you talk in a meeting. I think they’ll transform how I teach.”

Creating interactive training sessions will be vital to ensuring that video meeting platforms like Zoom and Teams are an effective replacement for in-person teaching and training.

How do you ensure that your virtual training sessions are interactive?
What can you do to improve interactive online training in your organisation?

Take a look at Section 4 – Run live virtual sessions – of MWL 2021 which provides you with some guidance on using a video meeting platform to create effective virtual training sessions as well as offer other virtual learning experiences.

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