Day 58 of MWL Daily

In 5 Ways Additional Training Can Help Your Career – And When It Doesn’t (Forbes, 20 Mar 2021) Caroline Ceniza-Levine explains that whilst most training is a nice-to-have, it is not ultimately a prerequisite to many careers. There are some good reasons that training can help with career change or advancement, but there are also drawbacks to signing up for yet another activity.  She asks ..

“Are your training resources better invested in a coach who can customize a career strategy for you, or a professional membership where you have ongoing learning and development opportunities or a retreat to get some dedicated time to yourself? If you opt for training, are you able to continue all of the other career actions you need to take, in addition to the training? Is your pursuit of training a salve for impostor syndrome or other confidence issue that can be better handled to acknowledging the issue head-on?”

Rather than jumping to the conclusion that training in some form (in-person, virtual, online courses, etc) is the best way to help people advance their careers, how are you helping them consider the vast array of other options that can help them achieve their professional goals.

In sections 13 and 14 (in Part B) of MWL 2021 we look at how to help your people understand the full panoply of options open to them to develop themselves.

Modern Training Part 2
12 April – 7 May 2021