Day 60 of MWL Daily

When to use Yammer vs. Teams is a long-running discussion, but in this article, Yammer or Teams? A Tool to Think It Through (CMSwire, 23 Mar 2021) Sam Marshall explains that in crude terms, Yammer is about people, Teams is about documents. One of the examples he uses to demonstrate the difference is Communities of Practice.

“Communities of practice revolve around a common interest in a topic, but they also major on the People dimension. What can really make them thrive are often the personalities of a community. These are the people who are most active, like a core membership, but they also endow the community with an identity.

Generally Yammer is the better tool for the job because you want to attract people to the CoP (playing on that serendipity quality), and you also want the insights it generates to be accessible beyond the community. Yammer’s Q&A feature also plays particularly well to this use case.”

How are you using Yammer (or another enterprise social networking platform) to enable and support communities of practice in your organisation?

In section 5 Facilitate online social learning of MWL 2021 we look at how you might set up and run a Community of Practice using your enterprise social networking platform

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12 April – 7 May 2021