Day 61 of MWL Daily

“It’s fair to say that behavioural science has become more famous over the last 12 months (which is a good and bad thing), and most if not all organisations now glimpse behaviour woven through the far-reaching key strategic decisions they face. Yet many businesses don’t talk about behaviour and behaviour change.

Businesses do, however, frequently talk about culture and culture change. Behavioural science has the potential to be hugely influential here. We can recognise culture as being those behaviours which are regularly seen, easy to do and widely supported by senior leadership. So culture is reflected as those behaviours that we see within an organisation.”

How are you helping managers and their teams change their learning behaviours so that they see learning as a continuous, ongoing process?

In section 9 Inspire modern managers of MWL 2021 we look at how you can work with managers to help them build a culture of continuous improvement and learning in their teams.

Modern Training Part 2
12 April – 7 May 2021