Day 62 of MWL Daily

“The way you onboard new remote workers is the heart of the process of integrating them into your organization’s culture, teaching new workflows, and reducing the time to productivity. Learning means changing behavior, as well as adding skill and knowledge, and that helps new workers bond with their new co-workers. It isn’t a stretch to see this as an important focus for online learning.

The key to learning for new remote workers is engagement, and if your onboarding process does not engage workers, social learning and integration into the corporate culture will not be as effective and may not happen at all.

How are you ensuring that you are engaging workers your onboarding processes so that they integrate into your social corporate learning culture?

In different sections of MWL 2021 (particularly sections 4 and 5) we look at how to create and facilitate both formal training and informal learning sessions to build a social learning culture.

Modern Training Part 2
12 April – 7 May 2021