Day 64 of MWL Daily

“What can we do to structure online discussions to ensure that every learner has something unique to say so they form a more supportive community, and how can we give learners options in how they participate? I also wanted to bear in mind what we can do to make posts and responses worth reading

[This article provides] five ideas where learners search for, recognize, and share concrete examples of a concept, or where they create examples to illustrate a concept.”

Although this series of articles is aimed at the education world, it will be valuable for anybody who supports online discussions.

How are you ensuring that any online discussions that you facilitate are effective and supportive? Are you employing the ideas suggested in this article?

In section 5 Facilitate online social learning of MWL 2021 we look at how to facilitate both formal and informal social learning experiences.

Modern Training Part 2
12 April – 7 May 2021