Day 65 of MWL Daily

“During the early stages of the pandemic, Zoom found us. Higher education instructors adapted their courses to Zoom midstream last March, and many of us remain dependent on Zoom or similar videoconferencing tools as we continue to adapt traditional learning models to accommodate social distancing, students in high-risk groups and temporary school closures and campuswide quarantines.

But you can support your students and their learning in other ways. And depending on your course goals, your students’ needs and your own needs as both a person and an educator, videoconferencing might not be the best-suited technology.

It has been all too easy to jump to the conclusion that you need Zoom or Teams to deliver remote training, but this is not the case. So   ow are you delivering and facilitating remote learning without the use of video meeting tools?

In Part A of MWL 2021 we look at a variety of different ways to delivery and facilitate modern training – using a variety of different tools.

Modern Training Part 2
12 April – 7 May 2021