Day 7 of MWL Daily 2021

Day 7 of MWL Daily

In Why 2021 Is Looking Like A Breakout Year For Collaborative Learning Louis Columbus writes.

“Leading tech companies including Adobe, IBM, T-Mobile and others, are doubling down on collaborative learning programs to provide employees with improved virtual learning opportunities that also create more cohesive and competitively stronger virtual businesses.”

He talks to Nomadic that manages IBM’s thinkXchange Custom Enterprise Academy, who point out that

“Collaborative learning classes or programs need to be designed to quickly transform entire teams and create shared ownership of learning outcomes.  Nomadic’s focused efforts on this aspect of their collaborative learning platform sets it apart from the many others in the industry today. They have designed their Programs to provide a common lexicon or vocabulary and a common set of concepts and frameworks to everyone simultaneously so a group can make learning progress together.”

Collaborative online learning doesn’t require a dedicated learning platform though; you can use your enterprise collaboration platform to enable and support this. Furthermore collaborative learning is more than just running classes or programs virtually, there are many other ways to support collaborative and social learning in your organisation

How are you enabling collaborative learning in your organisation?
How are you using your enterprise collaboration platform to do this?

Take a look at Section 5 – Facilitate online social learning – of MWL 2021 which looks at a variety of ways to enable and support collaborative and social learning at work.

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