Day 74 of MWL Daily

“One of the most commonly used phrases in college and university mission statements is “lifelong learning.” It’s a term that is very popular as an aspirational goal in both higher education and across corporate learning. At the same time, phrases such as “upskilling” and “reskilling” have become part of our vernacular as well. Lifelong learning and skilling are indeed two very different things. There are two distinct types of learners (with distinct motivations) in this regard: those who have a natural love for learning and intellectual fulfillment and those who have a highly specific goal in mind of getting a better job or higher wages. We should not confuse the two.”

How are you helping your people become lifelong learners – rather than just focus on upskilling or reselling? How can you assist them with identifying their professional goals and the best way to achieve them.

In section 9: Foster modern workers of MWL 2021 we look at how to make the most of the 4 D’s of Learning to ensuring that you are learning and developing using a variety of ways and experiences.

Supporting Continuous Learning From the Work
24 May – 18 June 2021