Day 79 of MWL Daily

Make learning a stated company value. To successfully foster a learning culture, it must be embedded in all areas of the organization. Employees need to feel that leadership actively encourages them to seek out new ways to grow and provides them with the opportunities to do so. This means that buy-in and modeling behavior starts at the executive level.

Business leaders should consider listing learning among their organizations’ core values. By making it a pillar of what the organization stands for, they demonstrate how integral both growth and development are for day-to-day operations and long-term success. Including learning as a stated company value ensures that when decisions are made, investments in L&D will not be an afterthought or seen as dispensable.

What initiatives are you promoting, encouraging or enabling to help build a learning culture where managers and individuals see continuous learning as a key part of their work and responsibilities.

In Introduction to Continuous Learning (free to view) we provide an overview of Part B of MWL 2021 that considers what it means for individuals, managers and L&D to build a learning culture.

Supporting Continuous Learning From the Work
24 May – 18 June 2021