Day 81 of MWL Daily

“Much has been written recently about the importance of self-directed learning (SDL), especially as it relates to the need for continuous lifelong learning due to the changes in the nature of work and the need to stay current in your respective professional area …

While there are guides and suggested plans for enhancing your ability as an independent learner, at the end of the day, success with SDL depends on you. …

In a recent post, Fivecoat suggested a simple tool for getting grittier—the checklist. Checklists are “simple but powerful tools used by pilots, doctors, astronauts, construction workers, and the military to handle complex, nonroutine problems. Checklists help people balance innovation and discipline, craft and protocol, and specialized talents within group collaboration.”

How are you helping your people direct their own learning? What devices are you using? Have you considered the use of checklists to guide them in their activities?

In section 9 of MWL – Foster modern workers – we look how to help today’s employees become more self-sufficient and self-reliant in their own growth and development.

Supporting Continuous Learning From the Work
24 May – 18 June 2021