Day 86 of MWL Daily

In A message to CxOs about L&D myths (Learnlets, 4 May 2021) Clark Quinn lists 9 L&D myths that you might want to watch out for. Here’s No 1:

“If it looks like school, it must be learning. We’ve all been to school, so we know what learning looks like, right? Except, do you remember how effective school actually was? Did it give you many of the skills you apply in your job now? Maybe reading and writing, but beyond that, what did you learn about business, leadership, etc? And how did you learn those things? I’ll bet not by sitting and listening to lectures presented via bulletpoints. If it looks like schooling, it’s probably a waste of time and money. It should look more like lab, or studio.

What does “learning” mean to you? Is it just about education or training, or do you recognise that people learn in many different ways at work?

In section 1 of MWL 2021 I present my 4 D’s of Learning, that show we learn not just through DIDACTICS (being taught) but through DISCOVERY (finding things out for oneself), DISCOURSE (interacting with others) and DOING the day job.

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