Day 91 of MWL Daily

In What to Do in the First 90 Days of Hiring New Talent (Inc, 6 May 2021) Raj Jana provides four steps to unfold within the first 90 days of an employee’s time in the office if you want them to stay around. Here is the first.

“Have a shadow period

On day one, you don’t want to spoon-feed your new hires, nor should you feed them to the wolves. Implement a shadow period during which new hires meet with and work alongside ideal colleagues. During this time, they can learn the intricacies of the company without bearing full responsibility. While it may be tempting to push them into the deep end and see whether they sink or swim, that is a surefire method to drive new employees away and leave them feeling undervalued and unsure. You might need their help immediately, but practice patience. View your onboarding process as though you are planting a seed to grow, not replanting an already grown tree. When you hire, build in this 90-day period when you don’t place tremendous expectations on their contributions to the immediate needs of the business.”

How are you helping managers to onboard their new hires in an effective way that doesn’t involved spoon-feeding them with lots of content and instructions?

In section 10 – Inspire modern managers – of MWL 2021, we look at the new role of the manager in the modern workplace.

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