Day 39: Do you encourage professional networking?

In Build a Network — Even When You Don’t Think You Need One (HBR, 25 Feb 2020), Dories Clark writes

“There are plenty of reasons professionals don’t network enough. We’re all busy. Some have stressful family obligations. Others are introverts who don’t take to the process naturally. Of course, you can find time-efficient ways to connect with others and learn new techniques that will make you more comfortable — if there’s sufficient will to change.

But in my work coaching high-level executives, I’ve come to realize that many of the professionals who have the hardest time building a network are those who view themselves as “lone wolves” who have succeeded on their own merits and don’t rely on others. Intellectually, they recognize the benefits of networking, and know they should do it. But they’ve achieved their current status on the strength of solo (or near solo) efforts, and adjusting their mindset and behaviors can be challenging.”

How can you help your people build a professional network that will bring value to them, to their work and ultimately the organisation through increased knowledge and experiences?

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