Day 28: Are you supporting informal learning at work?

Andries de Grip (Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and IZA, Germany) reports in the paper, The importance of informal learning at work, how on-the-job learning is more important for workers’ human capital development than formal training.  Here is the elevator pitch:

“Although early human capital theory recognized the relevance of workers’ experience, its focus was on education and formal training,  recent studies find that much of the performance of newly hired workers is driven by learning by doing or learning from peers or supervisors in the workplace. Descriptive data show that workers learn a lot from the various tasks they perform on the job. Informal learning at work seems to be relevant for all age groups, although it drives more of the performance of younger workers.”

What are you doing to enable informal learning at work? Is this something you leave up to managers, or are you helping them and their teams to get more out of the daily work?

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