A Framework for Modern Workplace Learning 2019

In the modern workplace, everyone is responsible for their own continuous improvement, learning and development. In this framework of modern workplace learning , at the heart sits the individual, and it is the role of both managers and L&D to enable and support a much broader approach to learning in the organisation.

New roles for L&D

This Modern Workplace Learning framework will necessitate 2 areas of (overlapping) work in the L&D team.

  1. Creators and Curators – this involves the modernisation of existing role(s), e.g. instructional or course designers, trainers, facilitator to provide (ie design, deliver and manage) modern solutions to learning problems. Their new work is described in Part C of this resource, CREATE MODERN CONTENT, EVENTS AND EXPERIENCES.
  2. Modern Learning Advisors – this involves brand new role(s) that enable and support learning by (a) helping individuals build modern learning skills, organize & manage their own self-development, and (b) helping managers and their teams get the most out of daily work experiences, acting as performance consultants, and interacting with the Creator and Curator team as required. More information about this new L&D role (mindset, skills, etc) appears in Chapter 2 of this resource, whilst their work is described in full in PART A: PROMOTE CONTINUOUS INDEPENDENT LEARNING and PART B: SUPPORT CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AT WORK of this resource.

But what about the technology that underpins Modern Workplace Learning? We’ll consider that on the next few pages.

Modern Workplace Learning technology

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