Day 40: What are your new L&D priorities?

In Five alternative challenges for Learning and Development leaders (30 June 2020) Paul Jocelyn asks

“What if “moving the curriculum online” wasn’t the real challenge at all?…”

Paul describes 5 alternative L&D challenges in this new world of work and learning:

  1. Leading with new confidence
  2. Connecting to a new work context
  3. Developing a new, ambitious narrative
  4. Alignment of ‘Learning and Development’ with new organisational goals
  5. Re-thinking what now guides prioritisation

What are your new L&D priorities? Shifting focus from ‘events’ to continuous learning through work? Encouraging and role modelling the value of reflection? Coaching and supporting every manager to lead and role model continuous learning?

SHARE your thoughts with your team.
How could you start to re-focus your priorities?

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