Day 31: Do your managers provide the opportunity for learning?

“We all know the adage that people don’t leave bad companies, they leave toxic or incompetent leaders. So for companies to succeed, building effective leaders needs to be a top priority. The command and control style of leadership that was prevalent in the past is no longer relevant. Today, relationships are the currency of business and leaders need to focus on building and nurturing authentic relationships with their people The human element of leadership is even more essential during today’s unprecedented times.”

This is the opening paragraph from 15 traits of today’s effective leaders by William Arruda in Forbes. And here is his trait #12.

“12. Recommend, support and provide the opportunity for learning.

Effective leaders know that if you aren’t learning every day, you aren’t standing still, you’re falling behind. They encourage formal and informal learning so you stay relevant and moving forward. They proactively work with you on a personal development plan.”

Does your own manager encourage YOU to learn both formally and informally. Does s/he work with you on a personal and professional development plan?

SHARE your thoughts with your team.
What can you do to help managers take more responsibility for the growth and development of their team members?

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