Day 10: Deliver micro-courses

“Highbrow teaches you something new every day. As you sip your morning coffee and rub the sleep from your eyes, Highbrow delivers a short, 5-minute email lesson to help you learn anything from art and philosophy, to business and personal development.

Lessons are delivered one-at-a-time, for 10 days, and are followed by fun, knowledge-testing quizzes at the end of each course. What’s more, with over 300 courses in the Highbrow catalog, you’ll never run out of new things to learn.”

Highbrow is a popular micro-learning platform; take a closer look at some of the courses they offer. Delivering content by email might be considered the original distance learning format but it is an easy to produce format.

Can you identify some opportunities for creating micro-courses in your own organisation? How might you do this – you don’t necessarily need to use Highbrow?

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