Modern Workplace Learning Practitioner Programme

In today’s workplace there is a need for a new approach to workplace learning; I call it Modern Workplace Learning.

The role of the Modern Workplace Learning Practitioner is to promote, enable and support the 4 ways of learning at work (Didactics, Discovery, Doing and Discourse).

The Modern Workplace Learning Practitioner Programme (MWLPP) will help you apply the new practices in your own organisation.

The Programme is available ONLINE as a series of 4 (6-week) WORKSHOPS or 4 ON DEMAND BLOCKS (of 6 units) based around the structure of the MWL 2020 resource.

You can sign up for any ONLINE WORKSHOP or ON DEMAND block if you just want to focus on one aspect of the work OR for the programme as a whole. You can mix and match ONLINE WORKSHOPS with ON DEMAND blocks to create a programme that works for you, and you can take the workshops or blocks in any order you like. A MWLPP Certificate of Achievement will be awarded on successful completion of ALL 24 units of the Programme – which means having your response to each of the 24 tasks accepted.

  • ONLINE WORKSHOPS are hosted in our Yammer network. They consist of weekly readings and practical tasks where you share your work with the cohort in a group space. There are no synchronous activities so are suitable for any timezone.. Each workshop will involve 2-3 hours of work, but you decide when you do the work and interact with the group, so you can fit into your working life. The workshops are facilitated by Jane Hart. These workshops are therefore not traditional courses, they are as much about the other people who you can learn from. Click the Workshop page links in the schedule below for more information.
  • ON DEMAND BLOCKS are for those who prefer to work on the readings and practical tasks on their own and at their own pace. Each unit will involve about 2-3 hours of work, but you decide when you want to do the work. If you want to work towards the MWLPP Certificate of Achievement then you will need to email your work to us. Full details will be provided.

Here are details of the workshops/blocks (and units) as well as the dates for the public workshops so you can plan your programme schedule. The upcoming workshop is highlighted with the NEXT icon,


  1. Understand Modern Workplace Learning of MWL 2020
(Didactics – Being Taught – Formal Learning)

  1. Re-think training in the modern workplace
  2. Is training the right answer to a problem?
  3. Design modern approaches to in-person training
  4. Run effective live virtual training
  5. Create flexible content
  6. Offer micro-training

(Discovery – Finding things out for oneself – Informal Learning)

  1. Foster learnability
  2. Promote a daily self-learning habit
  3. Build modern learning skills
  4. Curate learning opportunities
  5. Run a learning campaign
  6. Adopt a formal process of self-development
Workshop A:
1 March – 9 April 2021

Workshop page
Workshop B:
11 January – 19 February 2021
Workshop page

(Doing the day job – Experiential Learning)

  1. Inspire modern managers
  2. Help workers get more out of their daily work
  3. Encourage reflective practices
  4. Design on-the-job activities
  5. Assist managers with on-the-job development
  6. Use immersive learning technologies
(Discourse – Interacting with others – Social Learning)

  1. Help managers understand social learning
  2. Help teams share and learn from one another 
  3. Guide social learning experiences
  4. Facilitate team building
  5. Manage Communities of Practice
  6. Coordinate an internal events calendar
Next Workshop C:
21 September – 30 October 2020
Workshop page
Workshop D:
9 November – 18 December 2020
Workshop page


  • To keep fees as low as possible we automate payment through PayPal, where you will get a transaction receipt. Follow the PayPal payment instructions below.
  • If you want an invoice/VAT receipt and/or want to pay by inter-bank transfer this incurs an additional admin fee of £20. Email
  • For group rates, please email with details of the group size.
  • The Programme can be run privately for an organisation, please contact Jane Hart for more details and fees.


  • Each workshop
    • £129 includes access to MWL 2020 for the readings
    • £90 if you already have access to MWL 2020
  • All 4 Workshops:
    • £339 includes access to MWL 2020 for the readings
    • £300 if you already have access to MWL 2020


  • Each block
    • £99 includes access to MWL 2020 for the readings
    • £60 if you already have access to MWL 2020
  • All 4 On Demand blocks: 
    • £239 includes access to MWL 2020 for the readings
    • £200 if you already have access to MWL 2020

    • Add the relevant Workshop(s) or Block(s) to the Shopping Cart. This will take you to a page at the PayPal site to pay, where you can pay by PayPal or credit card and receive a payment receipt. If you use a credit card, please note our merchant name is Tesserae Ltd, so this is the name that will appear on your credit card statement
    • We will use the name and email address you provided to PayPal to set up your account and send your login details, so if this different, please send full details to
    • If there is more than one participant, please send the name and email address of each participant to
    • If you do not receive an email within 24 hours with your joining instructions, please contact

MWL PP Workshop Series

MWL PP On Demand Blocks