Introducing MWL Daily

From Monday 18 May you can get a daily dose of Modern Workplace Learning.

A daily weekday post will provide

  • a useful resource (video, podcast, article or something else) to take a look at – this might be new content or older, influential material
  • a question to think about relating to the resource – that focuses on you and your own work
  • a reminder to share your thoughts with your team and consider how to action your ideas in your organisation
  • a link to supporting pages of MWL2020 to find out more – to view this content you will need to purchase access to MWL2020.
  • a link to the MWL Practitioner Programme

Note: Although the posts are numbered daily they are not presented in a sequential order; they are intended to allow you to dip in and out of relevant topics that need to be considered in the modern workplace

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and spend some time on your own growth and development!

Posted at 6.45 am UK time, you can subscribe via RSS or by email (using the sign up form below).