MWL Daily is pausing for the summer

After 50 MWL Daily posts we are pausing for the summer. Back in September. Don’t forget to vote for your Top Tools for Learning 2020. Closing date is 21 August.

Day 50: Encourage curiosity

In 5 habits of incredibly curious people, Thomas Oppong writes “We are born curious, but when answers are valued more than questions, we forget how to ask or maintain a curious mind. Curiosity helps us discover amazing things about ourselves, our professions and the rest of the world. Curiosity is simply an insatiable need to know […]

Day 49: Help your people to self-learn

Day 49:

How to learn #financial accounting: 1. Select a learning method 2. Dedicate time to your learning 3. Focus on real-world application 4. Network with other #accounting professionals Learn more from @online_hbs: — Harvard Business (@HarvardHBS) July 13, 2020 Although the HBS article in this tweet, 5 steps to learn Financial Accounting without an accounting background, […]

Day 48: Encourage continuous learning in your employees

“Learning new skills depends on creating good habits. The problem is that we live and work in environments that are results-oriented.  Why is that a problem? Because when we don’t see immediate results, it can be challenging to develop the right habits. Yet at the same time, we know that simple adjustments in our daily routines, […]

Day 47: Help people become more self-aware

“Even though self-awareness — knowing who we are and how we’re seen — is important for job performance, career success, and leadership effectiveness, it’s in remarkably short supply in today’s workplace. In our nearly five-year research program on the subject, we’ve discovered that although 95% of people think they’re self-aware, only 10 to 15% actually […]

Day 46: Improve your Zoom meetings

“With many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, videoconferencing has become a critical part of our professional and even personal lives. While there are several tools available for remote workers to use, such as Skype, Google Meet, or Webex, Zoom is one of the best, most stable, and easiest apps to use […]

Day 45: Are you re-imagining virtual collaboration?

The use of Microsoft Teams has really taken off during lockdown as Jared Sapatro Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 writes in Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning (8 July 2020). “We’ve reached an inflection point. As the global response to COVID-19 evolves, communities around the world have moved from an era of […]

Day 44: Are you supporting social learning at work?

In Why social learning will be even more vital in the future of work (Trainingzone, 8 July 2020) Sheridan Webb writes .. “Nine times out of ten, if I want to learn something, I will ask either a specific individual or a particular group. This made me realise that all the recent focus on working […]

Day 43: Are you building a continuous learning culture?

In The 100 hour asset (7 July 2020) Seth Godin writes “If you invest 100 hours in a rare skill, you’re likely to acquire it. If you could learn to sharpen a tool better than your peers, organize a high-performance database, see the nuances in some sector of cryptography, know how to build a pretty-good WordPress […]

Day 42: Are you encouraging self-sufficiency?

“You’re trying to focus on a project when one of your direct reports messages you, asking where to find a piece of information they need to do their job. You respond by sending them a resource and then try to turn back to your own project. A few minutes later, another one of your team members […]