Day 13: Learning by mistake

Day 13: Learn from your mistakes

Is there a way to rewire your brain to transform the fear of the unknown and self-loathing of mistakes into real learning and wisdom? Photo credit: HR Examiner “Being able to remember stuff is not so important any more. Most of the world’s knowledge is a google search away. What we need to know is […]

Day 12: Create a learning culture

‘True learning cultures, defined by CEB as “a culture that supports an open mindset, an independent quest for knowledge, and shared learning directed toward the mission and goals of the organization,” are still the exception rather than the norm. Recent research found that only 10% of organizations have managed to create them, with just 20% of employees […]

Day 10: Deliver micro-courses

“Highbrow teaches you something new every day. As you sip your morning coffee and rub the sleep from your eyes, Highbrow delivers a short, 5-minute email lesson to help you learn anything from art and philosophy, to business and personal development. Lessons are delivered one-at-a-time, for 10 days, and are followed by fun, knowledge-testing quizzes […]

Day 9: Help teams cut down on email and meetings

“Microsoft Teams adoption is exploding. It is perfect for these times, when so many of us now work in distributed teams (aka remote). It is an easy way to access our files, our colleagues and manage our day-to-day work. Using Teams as we adjust to remote working gives us a huge opportunity to ditch some […]

Day 8: Consider learning games

This is one of my favourite “learning games” – i.e. a simulation with added gaming elements (goals, rules, challenge and interaction). It’s the Blood Typing Game, and it helps students learn about blood transfusions by showing what happens if you give someone a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type. You can play it below. Please note you will […]

Day 7: Understand motivation at work

Understanding what motivates people at work has always been a complex task, but Dan Pink explains how 4 decades of research show human motivation comes from three elements: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in this RSA Animation. Dan’s book Drive would  also be a valuable read. “Most people believe that the best way to motivate is with rewards like […]

Day 6: Reconnect with your dormant network

A MIT Sloan Review article, Now Is the Time to Reconnect With Your Dormant Social Network, states “The current crisis presents an opportunity to reconnect with people we have lost touch with or who are physically distant as we experience the same uncertainties.” It explains that “… stuck at home is also the perfect opportunity to reawaken […]

Day 5: Create step-by-step instructions

“Instructables is a platform for you to share what you make through words, photos, video and files. From a one step recipe to a 100 step jet engine build, everyone has something to share.” Instructables focuses on sharing inductions for craft, cooking and living projects, but the principle behind the site is easy as this […]

Day 4: Adapt to the new normal

We are seeing unprecedented shifts in the way that we work, educate and travel. But what changes will become permanent and are we now experiencing the new normal? An article in Wired Magazine, What will Covid-19 mean for how we work, educate and travel? takes a look: “Some companies have historically been reluctant to let their employees […]