Day 31 of MWL Daily

In Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility (HBR,  8 Feb 2021) Denise Lee Yohn writes “Here’s how organizational culture might have been handled in the past: The CEO commissions the Human Resources department to produce an effective company culture. HR designs a campaign to tout a mission statement and core values that the CEO and senior management […]

Day 30 of MWL Daily

In Are in-person workshops dead? How virtual learning can be as good as the real thing (CLO, 5 Feb 2021), Carol Vallone Mitchell and  Patricia Schaeffer share two case studies that illustrate how they created workshops specifically for virtual delivery. “Creating activities to keep participants from being bored or distracted is a bigger challenge for online […]

Day 29 of MWL Daily

In Career Success: Five Things You Need To Swap In 2021 (Forbes, 3 Feb 2021), Petra Zink cites how Replacing Traditional With More Modern Learning is one of the things you need to swap “Mark Gibson explains, Our traditional concept of teaching = learning about the world  New culture = learning through engagement within the world That means […]

Day 28 of MWL Daily

Day 28 of MWL Daily

In 6 habits of super learners (Ladders, 2 Feb 2021) Thomas Oppong writes “Becoming a super learner is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in the 21st century. In the age of technological change, staying ahead depends on continual self-education — a lifelong mastery of new models, skills and ideas. In […]

Day 27 of MWL Daily

In Five Major Trends In Online Education To Watch Out For In 2021 (Forbes, 2 Feb 2021) one of the trends that Mile Semeshkina cites is Flexible Training Formats. “We are all different, and it is a key to the progress of society. Some like to do homework, while others prefer listening to lectures. There are […]

Day 26 of MWL Daily

In Corporate Learning From An Employee Experience Perspective (Forbes, 31 Jan 2021) Steven Hunt talks about the different perspectives on learning between the company and the employee: “Dipping sheep. Many past employee development programs put little emphasis on understanding whether employees wanted to learn the things they were being taught. Companies rolled out learning programs to large groups […]

Day 25 of MWL Daily

In On the Fly: Learning by doing (The Aspen Times, 30 Jan 2021), Scott Spooner writes “If you want to become a better angler, which is a worthy endeavor considering where we live, you have to immerse yourself. If you wanted to become a concert pianist or a professional snowboarder or photographer, you’d have to put […]

Day 24 of MWL Daily

Day 24 of MWL Daily

In 5 Technology Trends Already Changing the Future (MakeUseOf, 29 Jan 2021), Vicky Balasubramani cites Remote Learning as one of these trends. “People enroll in all kinds of courses for work or hobby and enhance their skills with e-learning apps, web portals, online universities, communities, libraries, and other resources they can easily access from their mobile […]

Day 23 of MWL Daily

Day 23 of MWL Daily

In 6 Learning Trends to Expect in 2021 (Training Industry, 27 Jan 2021),  Doug Stephen writes that the pandemic has shone a spotlight on certain trends that were emerging in early 2020, many of which have accelerated in virtually every field. The first trend he mentions is: “1. Hybrid Is the New Normal Several industries thrived […]

Day 22 of MWL Daily

In 5 Skills that Should be a Part of Every Manager’s Training (Entrepreneur, 27 Jan 2021), Tanner Simkins writes that having strong leaders in every part of your organization is one of the most important factors for short and long-term success. One of the skills he mentions is Developing and coaching team members. “Good coaches are able […]