Day 71 of MWL Daily

The summary of The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching (HBR, 14 April 2021) is as follows “​The benefits of small-group coaching come from powerful learning interactions among leaders who aren’t on the same team but are roughly equal in experience and position, and the process can generate leadership development impacts that exceed what’s possible in one-on-one […]

Day 70 of MWL Daily

In How to own the room in your next Zoom meeting (Fast Company, 12 Apr 2021) Stephanie Vozza explains “​When you’re making a presentation or conducting a meeting in a conference room, it’s easy to tell when people are engaged and when they check out. If you’re open to them, body language clues can help you […]

Day 69 of MWL Daily

In the final part of the three-part feature in Training Journal, How to change the behaviour of your people: The end becomes the beginning, AstraZeneca’s Brian Murphy and The Creative Engagement Group’s Guy Champniss tell us how to move beyond the learning intervention and look to the long term. “​The great thing about applying behavioural science […]

Day 68 of MWL Daily

After a brief holiday we are back! In 7 Ways Managers Can Develop 20-Something Workers (SHRM, 6 Apr 2021) Brian O’Connell writes “​Talented workers, especially members of Generation Z, tend to lean heavily on their bosses for professional development, and their companies should relish that passion for growth and the opportunity for long-term business success … […]

Day 67 of MWL Daily

In the Introduction to Modern Training I explain what differentiates it from traditional training. It … “(a) addresses the perceived issues with classroom training and online learning (b) ensures that it is more reflective of the ways people prefer to learn, and (c) is integrated as much as possible in the workflow – rather than […]

Day 66 of MWL Daily

The article, How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue (MIT Sloan Management Review, 30 Mar 2021) asks what exactly makes virtual meetings so draining, and what can leaders do to improve them. It concludes “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reducing virtual meeting fatigue or to eliminating “bad” meetings. Be willing to adapt and grow. Experiment with different […]

Day 65 of MWL Daily

In Goodbye, Zoom Fatigue (Inside HIgherEd, 31 Mar 2021) Lucy Biederman shares some ways to teach effective online classes without using any videoconferencing tools at all. “During the early stages of the pandemic, Zoom found us. Higher education instructors adapted their courses to Zoom midstream last March, and many of us remain dependent on Zoom or similar […]

Day 64 of MWL Daily

In Part 1 of a 5 part series, 21 Ways to Structure an Online Discussion (Faculty Focus, Annie Prud’homme-Généreux explores ways to structure a discussion to encourage learners to apply the concepts they have learned. “What can we do to structure online discussions to ensure that every learner has something unique to say so they form […]

Day 63 of MWL Daily

In 6 Tips for Exceptional Remote Training Experiences (ATD, 25 Mar 2021), Christina Hartikainen identifies six essential tips to follow to deliver exceptional remote training. The first is .. “1. Simplify Your Tools We’ve come across many fantastic tools that can make your remote learning experience stand out. We’ve also seen how easy it is to […]

Day 62 of MWL Daily

In Onboarding Remote Workers: Social Engagement, Culture, and Learning (Learning Solutions Magazine, 25 Mar 2021), Bill Brandon explains “The way you onboard new remote workers is the heart of the process of integrating them into your organization’s culture, teaching new workflows, and reducing the time to productivity. Learning means changing behavior, as well as adding skill and […]