Day 21 of MWL Daily

CCS Insight surveys employees yearly about their attitudes to technology in the workplace and perceptions of big technology trends. Their latest survey explored the impacts of COVID-19 and home working on how people use technology for work and their expectations for the future. The title of their recent CMS Wire article (27 Jan 2021) says […]

Day 20 of MWL Daily

In Text-based learning: emerging from the pandemic as a must-have (CLO, 19 Jan 2021), Rob Lauber explains how n the midst of the pandemic, some companies and government organizations have begun to leverage text-based learning as an essential and complementary part of their delivery methods. “Beyond the ubiquitous access now in place, text-based learning makes a […]

Day 19 of MWL Daily

In Listen and Learn: 10 Top Podcasts for Entrepreneurs on the Grow, Inc explains the value of podcasts “As entrepreneurs, we crave new skills and strategies to maximize business growth–but finding time to attend a seminar or read a book can be a struggle when we’re balancing time and attention on our companies and family […]

Day 18 of MWL Daily

Reflective practice is becoming a key skill in the workplace. Here is a quote from 3 Ways To Exercise Reflective Practice by Angela Mohn (23 January 2021) which explains why “Reflective practices are more than looking back in the rearview mirror of life. Reflective practice is a way to be more intentional about your future, and what you’ve […]

Day 17 of MWL Daily

WhatsApp has been a popular instant messaging app and an easy and useful place for posting micro-content to a targeted group of people. However, with changes to Facebook’s privacy policy, people are moving to other apps including Signal. In an Guardian article (24 January 2021, Kate O’Flaherty asks Is it time to leave WhatsApp – and […]

Day 16 of MWL Daily

In 5 Zoom Apps to Make Video Calls Better and More Productive (MakeUseOf, 19 Jan 2021) Mihir Patkar writes that even on a basic free Zoom account, you can do a lot more than just video calls. These free apps and tools will level-up your Zoom calls on desktop computers. Here’s just one example from the […]

Day 15 of MWL Daily

In Mastering virtual facilitation in 2021 (TrainingZone, 18 Jan 2021) Declan Hogan writes “Last year we all got a crash course in remote training and working but, as we head into a new year, it’s time to evaluate what we’ve learned and how we can make improvements going forward … The structure of virtual training sessions […]

Day 14 of MWL Daily

Day 14 of MWL Daily

In How to Create a Poll In Microsoft Outlook (How-To Geek, 15 Jan 2021) Rob Woodgate explains how Microsoft has now added a quick poll feature, powered by Microsoft Forms, to both the Outlook client and Outlook Online. “A poll can be answered by anyone, no matter who provides their email. They don’t need a Microsoft, Office […]

Day 13 of MWL Daily

In How a Moderator Can Improve Virtual Synchronous Learning (Learning Solutions Mag, 14 Jan 2021) Lauren Merrild and Nicole Buras explain how they were forced to adapt their learning programs to a virtual format due to COVID-19 in a few ways. They identify a number of challenges in doing so, and talk about the need for two […]

Day 12 of MWL Daily

In Three L&D actions for developing business impact in 2021 (TrainingZone, 13 Jan 2021) Charles Jennings explains that Action three should be: make work the centre of your learning approaches. “For more than 20 years I have been extolling the adage ‘when working is learning, then learning is working’. Colleagues and others have similar calls to action. […]