Day 21: Build a culture of continuous learning

In How to build a culture of continuous learning: 3 ideas to borrow, Tuomas Syrjanen and Hanno Nevanlinna write “Unless we can outlearn our competition, we will not be in the race” They offer three ways to ensure that your people are continuously learning: Break your bubbles Revisit, re-evaluate, and share your retrospectives Tap into […]

Day 20: Create animated explainers

Thinking about creating an explainer video for your organisation and looking for some examples to get inspired from? Here are 40 of the best explainer videos worth checking out from Animaker. Here is #1 on the list, HubSpot QUESTION: Have you considered creating animated explainers for your organisation? Which of the 40 shown in the article […]

Day 19: Use Augmented Reality to modernise training

“Skilled frontline employees are essential to a successful industrial enterprise. Their collective knowledge and hands-on experience are key differentiators when it comes to outperforming global competition. Today’s companies are investing in upskilling their workforces accordingly, but more training doesn’t necessarily translate to more expertise across the enterprise. Many employees are leaving their company after just a […]

Day 18: Support virtual team building

“What is virtual team building? It’s just like regular team building, except you’re not in the same physical space. In a virtual team building activity, each team member is on their computer, and the team interacts using an internet-connected tool: chat, video conference, etc. Many traditional team-building exercises such as icebreakers and even team lunches […]

Day 17: Help managers give feedback

“How many people in your organization are capable of better work, modifying or adopting new behaviors, and becoming better versions of themselves? How many of us have seen this “movie” play out in our organizations: A manager alerts you to an employee’s less than stellar performance: “Sam shows no sense of urgency.” “Adrian is a […]

Day 16: Learn the lessons of lockdown

In Lockdown lessons: the remote working takeaways we’ll bring back to the office, Louise Berry writes “Fitter, happier, more productive… Amid the disruption of the past few months, there have been many benefits for office employees. So, how can we bring the best parts of working in lockdown back to our traditional workplaces?” Since we last […]

Day 15: Help make new habits stick

In the modern workplace – particularly one post-Covid – new learning habits and practices will need to be established. One of those will be helping individuals become more self-reliant for their own learning and development. In

Day 14: Run online networking events

“With vast swaths of the globe under social distancing restrictions, networking may be the furthest thing from your mind. But just because you can’t connect in person doesn’t mean your business relationships have to languish.” Many professional networking events are now online, but there is now an opportunity for L&D folk to create online company […]

Day 13: Learning by mistake

Day 13: Learn from your mistakes

Is there a way to rewire your brain to transform the fear of the unknown and self-loathing of mistakes into real learning and wisdom? Photo credit: HR Examiner “Being able to remember stuff is not so important any more. Most of the world’s knowledge is a google search away. What we need to know is […]

Day 12: Create a learning culture

‘True learning cultures, defined by CEB as “a culture that supports an open mindset, an independent quest for knowledge, and shared learning directed toward the mission and goals of the organization,” are still the exception rather than the norm. Recent research found that only 10% of organizations have managed to create them, with just 20% of employees […]